Meet Tatianna

Hi my name is Tatianna Lavin, a true artist at heart. My journey began 20 years ago when I decided to pursue photography as a career. My ambition was to work as an event photographer but along the way I started on the path to portrait and boudoir style sessions. Eager to know more I attended makeup courses, this is where I learned that the foundation to a beautiful canvas is healthy skin. I was intrigued to take it the step further and become a licensed Esthetician and from there a Cosmetology license. As a “Jane” of many trades I offer a unique, one stop shop experience. Whether you are looking for styling, makeup, lashes, a photoshoot, or all of the above. It is your day and I am here for you! 

My vision has always been to capture memories that are worth your investment that can can be looked back on for many years to come. It is always my goal to empower women and to bring on the best in every individual.